We believe in the power of RELATIONSHIPS and SERVING OTHERS

"Sales isn't just a game of deals and persuasion. Here at Sales Hatch, we're all about empowering our partners, helping them smash their goals and solve the tough stuff. We're in this together, every step of the way."
- The Sales Hatch Team

About Us

We are a team of business development and sales recruitment experts dedicated to constructing and executing high-performing sales initiatives across various industries.

At the heart of our mission is a steadfast commitment to forging strong connections with organizations, propelling their growth forward. From day one, our unwavering focus for every client is to ensure our partners' success. As your trusted sales partner, we are devoted to helping you achieve your goals, whether it involves building your first sales team, implementing a high-performing lead generation system, or meticulously crafting and executing strategic sales blueprints.

Our aim is to build lifelong relationships and see our partners win every single day.

Core Values


committed to excellence



Collaboration and trust

true grit

Giving Back

A percentage of profits is donated each month to the following organizations.

Leadership Team

Our founding board of directors consists of esteemed individuals who are recognized as thought leaders, having made noteworthy contributions to society. Each member brings a distinct set of skills and expertise, enriching our organization with diverse perspectives and knowledge.

Michael DiNardo

CEO and Founder of Sales Hatch, Michael is passionate about building lifelong relationships with his business partners and helping them succeed. Michael has a strong track record of transforming new business development operations and driving business growth within new markets through strategic planning and execution. His leadership, vision, and commitment has made Sales Hatch a trusted partner to many, delivering exceptional results and exceeding expectations for many organizations. Outside of the office, Michael enjoys spending time with his family, golf, and his love for college football.

James Provanzano

James is responsible for overseeing operations, which involves building processes, establishing partnerships, and developing systems to expand the business. He plays a leading role in creating effective lead generation systems and optimizing workflows, often leveraging technology in innovative ways. Before joining Sales Hatch, James gained over 5 years of experience in the commercial banking industry, working with international, national, and regional banks. While James greatly values his time in the office, he also enjoys the opportunity to lace up his skates and participate in his local hockey league, drawing on his experience as a former college player.

Anthony DiNardo

Anthony is a highly accomplished and experienced strategic leader with a strong focus on business development. With over a decade of experience, Anthony has successfully expanded B2B/B2C enterprise markets across the United States. Currently, Anthony holds pivotal leadership roles within customer-centric organizations, where he utilizes his profound understanding of the importance of nurturing relationships and driving new business development to ensure overall success. Outside of his professional pursuits, Anthony values the quality time he spends with his beloved family and friends in his community.

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The Sales Hatch Way

Building Relationships, Driving Results: Our Client-Centric Sales Approach

At Sales Hatch, we believe in building strong partnerships with our clients. When we work with you, we become an extension of your team and brand. We take the time to truly understand your business, industry, and goals, and we represent your company with the highest level of professionalism and respect. We are dedicated to helping you succeed and achieving your mission together.

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What are appointment setting services?

Appointment setting services, offered by Sales Hatch, involve the responsibility of scheduling appointments with potential customers on behalf of your business or enhancing your current Sales Development Representative (SDR) team. This service is particularly valuable for businesses facing challenges in generating revenue, building a sales pipeline, or effectively meeting and closing new clients, as well as struggling to set up meetings or appointments on their own. If you're seeking to optimize your outbound approach for revenue generation, Sales Hatch is here to assist you.

What are the benefits of appointment setting services?

Increased Efficiency: Appointment setting services allow businesses to focus on their core competencies and leave the time-consuming task of lead generation and appointment scheduling to the experts. This can lead to increased efficiency and productivity, allowing businesses to better allocate their time and resources to other areas of their business.

Better Qualified Leads: Appointment setting services often have access to databases and tools that can help them identify and target high-quality leads that are more likely to convert into customers. This can result in better qualified leads and higher conversion rates for businesses.

Cost Savings: Outsourcing appointment setting to a specialized service can often be more cost-effective than hiring and training an in-house sales team. This is especially true for small and medium-sized businesses that may not have the resources to build and maintain a full-time sales team.

Increased Sales: By using appointment setting services to generate more leads and schedule more appointments, businesses can increase their sales and grow their customer base. This can lead to increased revenue and profitability over time.

Overall, appointment setting services can offer significant benefits for businesses of all sizes and industries. By outsourcing the task of lead generation and appointment scheduling to a specialized service, businesses can save time and resources, generate more qualified leads, and increase their sales and revenue over time.

Is it imperative for a partnership with an outbound agency to be an all-or-nothing arrangement?

Definitely not! In fact, many companies that outsource their outbound sales and marketing efforts still maintain in-house sales and marketing teams. The approach to outsourcing varies depending on the size and stage of the business. Established businesses tend to adopt a hybrid approach, while fast-growing startups often prefer to fully outsource their outbound sales function.

At Sales Hatch, we understand that every business is unique and has its own set of goals and challenges. That's why we work with companies of all shapes and sizes to design custom solutions that align with their specific needs and objectives. Our goal is to help you achieve your business goals by leveraging our expertise and resources to create a winning outbound sales strategy.

What strategies are used to maximize B2B campaigns?

To maximize the effectiveness of your B2B lead generation campaigns, it is crucial to engage in constant monitoring and analysis of your performance metrics. This includes evaluating deliverability analysis, open rates, response engagement, and various conversion rates. By leveraging this data, you can conduct tests and make refinements to your campaigns by adjusting messaging, targeting strategies, and tactics. Additionally, we employ techniques such as A/B testing, gathering customer feedback, and conducting market research to identify new opportunities and enhance your overall results.

Do you offshore your Sales team? Where are your reps located?

cues chant - "U.S.A , U.SA , U.S.A"

In contrast to many of our competitors, our team is comprised entirely of professionally trained sales consultants located within the United states. We do not nearshore or outsource any of our services. This is more expensive on our end. but it ensures that our team is able to effectively deliver results that align with our partners brand and goals

How do we ensure appointments happen?

Once the lead is ready to meet, our growth team proposes available slots from your calendar and schedules the meeting. Before the call, we remind the lead to confirm the appointment. If they can't attend, we follow up, offering to reschedule at a convenient time.

I just want leads without confirmed appointments. can you do that?

Absolutely, please ask us about our Lead Generation Only model.

What if I already have a Sales Team?

No problem! It's actually pretty common for our partners to already have a team. If you have an existing internal SDR team, but ready to enhance your growth potential and pipeline, we can assist you in achieving these goals.

P.S - Current sales reps love working with Sales Hatch, they get to close real opportunties without the heavy work of outbound.

Am I locked into a long-term contract?

Not at all!

At Sales Hatch, we believe in being transparent with our clients and providing them with the highest level of service possible. That's why we offer month-to-month contracts for our B2B lead generation services. We're confident in our ability to deliver results, and we believe that our clients should have the flexibility to adjust their services as needed. We understand that every business is different, and what works for one may not work for another. By offering month-to-month contracts, we're able to adapt to our clients' needs and work together to achieve their goals. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients, and we believe that starts with honesty and transparency.

What is B2B lead generation?

B2B lead generation involves the process of discovering and acquiring prospective customers interested in a company's products or services. This comprehensive approach entails utilizing a variety of outbound strategies, marketing techniques, and sales development initiatives. These may include email marketing, cold calling, social selling, SMS, and other effective tactics, all designed to attract and actively engage with the desired target prospects.

What are the expenses associated with setting up an in-house Sales Development Representative (SDR) team in comparison to working with Sales Hatch?

Engaging a high-performing outbound agency, such as Sales Hatch, offers a significantly more cost-effective solution compared to hiring an in-house Sales Development Representative (SDR) when considering all associated expenses. In addition to the base salary and commissions, employing an in-house SDR entails various other costs that should be taken into account.

These costs include employer taxes, benefit packages, administrative fees, software licenses, and recruitment/training expenditures. When considering all these factors, the total annual expenditure of maintaining an in-house SDR team can easily surpass $110,000.

By leveraging the expertise and infrastructure of an established agency like Sales Hatch, businesses can achieve their outbound sales objectives without incurring additional expenses related to recruiting and managing an in-house SDR team. This allows businesses to optimize their budget and allocate resources more efficiently while still benefiting from the specialized knowledge and experience provided by a reliable outbound agency.

How do you identify ideal B2B customers?

In order to pinpoint your target audience for B2B lead generation, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of your ideal customer profile (ICP). This entails analyzing your existing customer base, conducting thorough market research, and identifying the distinct characteristics and behaviors of your most valuable and loyal customers. By leveraging this information, you can develop buyer personas that accurately represent your target audience and tailor your marketing campaigns to effectively reach the right individuals.

Why is B2B lead generation

B2B lead generation holds significant importance for businesses as it facilitates the creation of a pipeline of potential customers and contributes to revenue growth. Through effective lead generation strategies, businesses can not only identify prospective buyers but also nurture their interest, leading to the conversion of these leads into paying customers. Additionally, lead generation enables businesses to stay competitive and expand their market share by consistently engaging with a pool of potential clients.

how soon will i see results?

In as little as 14 days! We continuously enhance and refine your lead generation program. If you're thrilled with the results in the first month, you'll be even more amazed in the following months and beyond.

Can you customize the lead generation approach to fit the unique needs of my business?

Absolutely! We understand that every business is unique, and we take the time to understand your specific requirements and goals. Our lead generation strategies are highly customizable to align with your business objectives and target audience.