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Are You Hiring Sales Talent the Same Way You Hire Everyone Else?

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The Elite 10% of Sales Talent That Delivers 90% of the Results

How would your organization benefit from consistently perfect hires every time? We get what makes salespeople tick and help you understand those rare gems that will supercharge revenue growth.
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Sales Hatch offers sales recruitment services across various B2B sectors. Whether you require business development representatives, outside sales, sales management, or executive leadership; our seasoned sales recruitment team guarantees the delivery of top-tier talent.
Sales Management
Executive Leadership
Business Development Representatives
And More!

Knowing the Sales Game

Sales and Business Development is the core of who we are, and we deeply understand the qualities that constitute those elusive, rare, and exceptional high-performing professionals. If you're ready to accelerate revenue, you need the right partner and sales blueprint.

The Crème de la Crème of Sales & Marketing

There is nothing more frustrating than hiring a sales or marketing candidate who ends up underperforming or leaving after a few months. Your team needs to consist of industry rockstars - those key players are pivotal in ramping up revenue and fast-tracking those ambitious revenue goals.

Sales Talent for Success

Whether you're a SaaS founder seeking to hire your first VP of Sales, an established medical device company, or a service company searching for outside sales reps, we have the expertise and methodology to help ensure your next hire is a slam dunk.

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Industries We Serve

Medical Device
Professional Service
Manufacturing & Industrial
Financial Services
Energy and Utilities
Transportation and Logistics
And More!

Sales Roles We Fill

Vice President of Sales
Sales Development Representative
Sales Representative
Account Executive
Outside Sales
Business Development Manager
Account Manager
Customer Success
Sales Leader
Sales Engineer
B2B Consultant
Regional Sales Manager
Inside Sales Representative

Level up your sales team with Sales Hatch

World-Class Sales Recruitment with Elite Sales Recruiters.

We link you with the top-tier sales and B2B professionals using our extensive network, headhunting sales recruiters, and advanced sales tech for an ideal fit. Our active methods reach passive candidates, ensuring consistent access to high-caliber sales talent.

Extensive sales talent

Ensure your next hire is a top-tier performer with our meticulous vetting process, guaranteeing that you bring in rockstar candidates rather than underachievers.

high performance vetting process

We actively seek out the best sales professionals using strategic cold outreach methods, recognizing that the most exceptional candidates are often not actively seeking new opportunities.

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Benefit from our team of expert sales recruiters who understand the industry inside out, ensuring that your recruitment process is handled by professionals who speak the language of sales.

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Let's Talk Sales Hiring

At Sales Hatch, we customize your search to align with your specific B2B sales recruitment needs, identifying highly qualified candidates with a track record of delivering exceptional results.

Whether finding your next VP of Sales or supporting your growing your BDR team, our sales executive headhunters and B2B recruiters excel through research, senior expertise, and extensive networks, recruiting top sales talent across the country.
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We Hunt so our Partners Can Eat

Sales Hatch is built on the principle that the finest sales talent must be actively sought out. Our executive sales recruiters proactively identify ideal business development professionals for your open positions, whether actively seeking new opportunities or not. We don't solely rely on job postings, recognizing top sales talent is often employed.
Through cold calls, emails, and networking, we pinpoint the ideal fit, going beyond applicants. Our goal is to understand sales and business development professionals who will bring long-term value to your business, allowing us to headhunt the perfect candidate.
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Want to Ensure Your Sales Leadership Hire Is a Sure Bet?

We specialize in sales leadership recruitment, focusing on hiring top-tier CSO, vp of growth, CRO, Vice President of Sales, Director of Sales, and Sales Managers.

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