Multi-Channel Approach

We are firm believers that there is no magic silver bullet in sales, which is why we don’t have a single outreach approach. We use strategic multi-channel outbound campaigns that deliver the best results and continually drive new growth.

Cold Calling

Our team of trained cold callers are ready to CRUSH the phones to deliver exceptional results for your business. The Sales Hatch team is Smiling & Dialing every day.

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Email Marketing

Our cold email marketing service is tailored to cut through the noise and generate high-quality meetings within your target market, setting you apart from the competition.

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Social Selling with LinkedIn

We strategically utilize different LinkedIn activates to effectively connect and engage with your top prospects without the need for "Pitch-Slapping".

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SMS Marketing

Utilizing our SMS marketing is a game-changer for acquiring B2B opportunities. Our personable and direct nature allows us to reach decision-makers promptly, engaging them on a personal level.

Direct Mail

Make an impact with personalized gifts and handwritten notes for your high-profile prospects. Our Direct mail gets the attention of hard-to-reach buyers, creating a tangible and engaging experience for optimal results.